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Ann Arbor Spark

Powering Our Mobility Future via Supply Chain Innovation

Thursday, November 21 2019 at 5:30pm - 8:30pm

As the late Peter Drucker once said, we must “innovate or die.” The automotive industry is primed for an overhaul as the flood of new technologies reshape the mobility market. A multitude of new electric autonomous vehicles – from robots, to scooters and cars, to shuttles and heavy trucks – are launching in the days ahead, creating a difficult environment for leaders to bring new products and services to market while supporting current offerings that pay the bills. Throughout this meetup event we’ll unpack the surprisingly simple tactics innovative mobility companies deploy that provide dramatic results for accelerating new product launches. The meetup will feature a brief talk and Q&A by William Crane, CEO of IndustryStar, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A of industry Experts wrapped up with a networking session.

5:30 to 5:35pm – Kickoff & Welcome
5:45 to 5:55pm – IndustryStar Overview + Growth Plans Preview + Q&A
6:05 to 6:20pm – Talk: Supply Chain Approaches for Accelerating Innovation
6:30 to 7:00pm – Expert Panel: Innovation Lessons Learned + Q&A
7:00 to 8:30pm – Networking

About IndustryStar:
IndustryStar Solutions LLC is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based on-demand supply chain managed services and software technology company that partners with customers to reduce the cost, time and risk of bringing new products from idea to production.

Speaker Bio:
William Crane, CEO of IndustryStar is a trusted advisor in supply chain with demonstrated results starting, launching and enhancing procurement, logistics, supplier quality and manufacturing organizations. He has appeared frequently as a guest author in periodicals like the Institute for Supply Management Weekly, DisruptorDaily.com and Modern Materials Handling, sharing insights on improving new product launches and supply chain operations. William is also the Host of the popular supply chain podcast, Supply Chain Innovation, where he interviews top industry change-makers to uncover new strategies, tips, and tools for improving new product launches.

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