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Ann Arbor Spark

November NEF: Showcase Presenter and Expert Panel Discussion

Thursday, November 18 2021 at 5:00pm - 6:30pm

A panel of experts will explore alternatives to venture capital equity funding that are now available to early stage startups.

Showcase Presentation: Quint Workspaces

Quint Workspaces Inc. brings a new approach to the work from home and small business market of professional grade work furnishings. Quint products deliver the robust performance that customers need to make them feel more professional and working at the top of their game.

Don Goeman is Quint’s founder & CEO and has extensive 35 year+ experience in the office furniture industry in long serving R&D leadership at Herman Miller, the industry leader in global scale, design, and innovation.

Panel Discussion: Do You Even Need to Impress Investors in Today’s Fundraising World?

Depending upon the business plan, growth focus and the founder’s wishes, companies of all types can find different ways to fund their growth. Not all businesses require angel or venture capital funding to be successful. Our panel of experts will explore ways to fund growth without using outside investors or alternative equity sources.

Our panelists will share what they have learned in working with startups and how assessing the startup team has helped them determine whether to invest or not.

Jeff Ponders is Principal, Portfolio Success at ID Ventures. In this role Jeff works closely with portfolio company founders as they scale toward major growth milestones and reach material valuation inflection points.


At the conclusion of the Forum, stick around and network with your fellow attendees over Zoom. We will break out into smaller groups so that you can rub virtual elbows with the movers and shakers of Ann Arbor’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Featured Stakeholder: Dykema
Dykema is a leading national law firm, serving business entities worldwide on a wide range of complex business issues. Our lawyers deliver outstanding results, unparalleled service and exceptional value in every engagement.