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Ann Arbor Spark

Michigan Ross | Asia Business Conference

Friday, January 31 2020 at 8:00am - 10:00pm

The Asia Business Conference is the longest-running student-organized conference held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Every year, the conference connects business executives and thought leaders from Asia with aspiring students and local professionals to generate discourse on the business landscapes in Asia.

Each year the Asia Business Conference features over 25 prominent speakers, speaking in 4 different region and function specific panels, and attracts over 300 attendees, including students, faculty and local businesses. Past regional panels included China, India, Japan, and ASEAN, while functional panels included Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability.

Some notable speakers from previous conferences included C-level executives at Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, Shell, Nike, Morgan Stanley, The Dow Chemical Company, Google, BCG, and Nomura. Prominent past government officials include the ASEAN Secretary-General, the Singapore Ambassador to the United Nations, the Finance Minister of India, the Finance Minister of Thailand and the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development.

Stay tuned to be a part of a conference that indulges you to think as a global citizen and broadens your horizon of knowledge by virtually taking you across countries in Asia in 2019.

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