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Ann Arbor Spark

Machine Learning on iOS – Everything Beyond CoreML

Thursday, December 13 2018 at 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Starting at 6:30pm, we’ll have free food sponsored by Arbormoon Software, Inc. Please RSVP on Meetup.com to help us estimate how much food we need. While you are enjoying the food, talk with other developers and network in the local Cocoa community. Our main meeting will start at 7pm.

Whether you are in healthcare, security, marketing, manufacturing, gaming, or any other field utilizing iOS, machine learning is now more accessible and ready to implement in your apps than its ever been. Keith Bourne, Founder of Gradient Valley (https://gradientvalley.com/), will provide an overview of the strategies and various ways to implement machine learning on iOS. This is going to be an information packed session, so get ready to drink from the firehose!

Hopefully you caught the last Cocoaheads presentation in November, where Jason Anderson covered Core ML, iOS’s native framework for integrating machine learning models into your apps. While Core ML provides powerful and fairly straight-forward capabilities, it really is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to implementing ML on iOS devices. In this presentation, we’ll cover many of the other ways to bring machine learning into your app, including using TensorFlow Lite for a similar use to Core ML but with the advantage of cross-platform deployment of your ML model, using your custom models hosted in the cloud, using pre-trained models that live on the app but can be updated from the cloud, using pre-trained models provided by the major cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure), or using AutoML to combine your own training with Google’s most advanced ML APIs directly in your apps.

While the presentation will focus on iOS, it will also be given from the perspective of what is best when developing across the two major mobile platforms to get more out of your ML models and efforts. We will also discuss some really cool features, like A/B testing of models through your apps, that make these approaches even more worthwhile. And last, we’ll discuss some of the challenges you might face when digging into the intricacies of these strategies.

Keith Bourne is the founder of Gradient Valley (https://gradientvalley.com/), focused on machine learning consulting and development. He has been on the forefront of cutting edge technology since the 90’s, with extensive management and technical experience in web, mobile, and machine learning. His focus has been on all aspects of building and selling incredible technology products and services, including a deep knowledge of user experience, agile programming methods, technology marketing, and most of the most popular programming languages and their capabilities. He holds an MBA from Babson College where he focused on technology entrepreneurship and marketing, providing a strong analytical base for approaching machine learning problems with an organization’s overall strategic direction in mind. He has served in diverse roles in high growth start up environments, including Senior Software Engineer, Marketing Director, Chief Operations Officer, and Founder/Chief Executive Officer.

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