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Ann Arbor Spark

Integral Webinar Panel – Creating Delightful Developer Experiences: An Introduction to Developer Experience (DX) Practice

Tuesday, April 13 2021 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm

The increase in demand for API integrations & API platforms has resulted in the emergence of optimizing for the Developer Experience (DX). 

DX is the practice of focusing on the user experience of software developers, enabling them to most effectively integrate with your APIs and gain value from your platform. 

Join Integral CEO Ashok Sivanand, Autonomic (Ford) Sr. Engineering Manager Aimme Keener, and 99P Labs Associate Director Rajeev Chhajer for a live discussion on launching innovative ecosystems that delight customers (when your customers are software developers).

Please RSVP here in order to gain access to the live event and email lindsey.paskiewicz@integral.io with any questions.