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Ann Arbor Spark

How to Create a Self-Managing Business: Focus on Six Key Components

Wednesday, April 14 2021 at 10:00am

If you are frustrated in your business and feeling stuck, this webinar will help to refocus you on six key components of your business to break through and turn frustration to elation. Presented by Amy Cell Talent and Richard Price, Chief Elation Officer, 2Elate.

About our Presenter:

Richard is a strategic activator passionate about helping organizations achieve amazing sustained profitable growth through inspiring collaborative leadership. He has owned three organizations since emigrating to the US and becoming a citizen – two were successful, and one was a constant frustration, headache, and heartache. It was this last painful experience that brought him the most growth and learning. It demanded he draw on his large and small company experience and the specialism he had sought during his MBA studies where he focused on small business growth in very real, practical, hands-on ways – ultimately leading him to embrace the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. Utilizing EOS®, Richard was able to turn this last business around, growing it from $3M to $10M and turning a loss to a 10% profit in 3 years. His passion now is helping other organizations shift their Frustration 2 Elation™.