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Ann Arbor Spark

Future Automotive Career Expo

Thursday, January 17 2019 at 10:00am - 7:00pm

The Future Automotive Career Exposition (FACE) returns to the AutoMobili-D section of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). This year, attendees will hear from leading employers and professionals in the automotive industry, have an opportunity to be interviewed by HR representatives and gain valuable advice to improve their future career-search goals. New this year is a sherpa panel, featuring young professionals in the automotive sector who will share their stories on why they chose to live and work in Michigan. The expo also features mock interviews and presentations from Michigan’s leading universities and higher-education institutions. Registration is required to attend the event.

Here are some highlights from FACE:

  • Short pitches from startups about their talent needs.
  • Mock interviews, with critiques by talent development professionals.
  • Discussions about talent development through FIRST Robotics participation.
  • Presentation about work-based learning experiences.
  • Discussion on lifelong learning and how to transfer skills to a career in mobility.
  • Young professionals talk about why they moved to Michigan to begin their STEM careers.
  • Panel discussion about trends in mobility talent development.
  • Advice about using social media in your job search.
  • Fireside chat about entrepreneurship in Michigan.
  • Professional photographers will provide headshots.
  • Advice for developing a strong resume.
  • Opportunities to speak with human relations professionals at mobility-related companies.
  • Information from colleges and universities about education and training for all levels of mobility careers.

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