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Ann Arbor Spark

Free Intro to SQL Online Class

Saturday, June 25 2022 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm

WHAT: Learn the basics of constructing and modifying SQL (Structured Query Language) queries to work with any SQL database. We’ll cover basic SELECT * with a LIMIT, Ordering by date, Filtering using a date range, and the basics of JOINS.

WHO: A great course for beginners. If you’ve ever been curious about programming we are here to get you started on your journey. Knowing what and how to present data on application screens is a critical part of programming in general. Please bring your own laptop. 

WHERE: Free to attend online. Act fast! We have 30 seats available.

WHEN: Saturday, June 25th 12 – 1:30pm Eastern

ABOUT US: We are Integrate Detroit. Our mission is to develop software engineering talent and community that is representative of the location Integral calls home.

SETUP: The class will use the online tool, http://sqlfiddle.com/, so no setup prior to class is necessary.


Doug Van Slembrouck is a Certified SCRUM Master and Product Manager from Michigan. He spent two decades in Manufacturing Software Development, Creative Agencies, and Digital Sales and Marketing in California, Arizona, and Chicago. He is a former Management Informations Professor from Oakland University, his alma mater. He lives in Bloomfield Twp with his wife and incredibly spoiled Yorkie, Her Galactic Majesty, Princess Lilly.

Callie Busby is a software engineer at Integral with eight years of experience. She is a truly adaptable consultant who has worked on websites, backend services, virtual reality, mobile, and voice assistants. She is a Columbus, Ohio native that works fully remote for Detroit based consultancy Integral. In her free time, Callie enjoys tabletop gaming, especially Dungeons & Dragons.