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Ann Arbor Spark

Finding the Next Mobility Unicorn: Investing in Auto Tech

Thursday, February 25 2021 at 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Over 6,000 auto tech and mobility start-ups have been launched in the last decade, leading to high-profile IPOs and SPAC (special-purpose acquisition company) deals in the last 6 months. The next mobility unicorn is out there somewhere, but finding it is the challenge. By understanding where innovation is going, which car makers are leading the tech race, what role start-ups are playing, and what’s happening with auto tech valuations, you can narrow down the search considerably.

In this webinar, Andrew Hart, Director at SBD Automotive, will look at where auto tech is heading, the role that start-ups are playing, and the unique challenges of evaluating automotive technologies. Andrew will then be joined by our four guests, handpicked for their industry insight, for a roundtable discussion on the hot trends emerging in the industry, and the key factors that are driving mobility disruption.

Featured Panelists:

Alain Dunoyer, Head of Autonomous Research – SBD Automotive
Colin Cropper, Managing Director – Rothschild & Co
Liz Kerton, Managing Director & Co-Founder – AutoTech Council
Michael Granoff, Managing Partner – Maniv Mobility