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Ann Arbor Spark

Engage SOUP

Thursday, September 26 2019 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Engage SOUP offers the opportunity to:

  • geek out over someone else’s idea, or
  • let others hear what you are building or working on.

This micro-granting event offers an opportunity to give and get the financial capital to move projects forward that wouldn’t have otherwise been seen or invested in by traditional means.

This member-exclusive event is your night of grown-up “Show and Tell” as a BUILDER, MAKER, TINKERER, and DOER.


SOUP is a great way to raise money, build community support, and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project.

SUBMIT A PROPOSAL *Members should submit a proposal to present by 5 PM on Thursday 9/19 for the 9/26 event.


People who attend literally toss their $$$ into the pot—which gets them a cup of soup, a tear of bread—and a vote!


Every SOUP dinner consists of four presentations on projects related to community spaces, food sustainability, social justice, social entrepreneurship, education, film, technology, and more. These could be new business ideas, side projects, or existing programs that need feedback, a new perspective, or help to get to the next step.


Take 5 minutes to share their project or idea. No slides allowed. This keeps the playing field even, and the evening fun, light, and focused on storytelling or demonstrating the product.


5 minutes are allotted for questions after each presenter. No compounded questions or “helpful” comments, please.


After the presentations, audience members discuss and debate before voting on the project they think makes the greatest impact on the community it aims to serve.


Whichever presenter gets the most votes wins the pot o’ cash collected at the door!

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