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Ann Arbor Spark

EmpowerYou small business program

Thursday, April 11 2019 at 12:00am

A start-your-own business program for women
Do you want to start your own business, but also keep your “day job”?
In this year-long program designed for women, especially of color, with or
without a disability, learn to turn your business idea into reality. You’ll learn:
• The know-how to get your business started
• The leadership skills to implement it with success, and
• The time-management techniques to keep everything on track
You’ll also collaborate with an exceptional network of fellow-minded
women who will support you through your journey.
Orientation sessions are going on now:

April 11, 1-3 pm —Ann Arbor CIL
April 16, 5-7 pm — Michigan Works, Ypsilanti
April 17, 4-6 pm — Ypsilanti Twp. Library
This program is provided at no cost
to you, thanks to the Community
Foundation of Southeast Michigan.
Ann Arbor CIL | 3941 Research Park Drive | Ann Arbor, MI 48108