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Ann Arbor Spark

Coping with Covid: Crisis Communication Webinar

Monday, April 06 2020 at 12:00pm

Communication during a crisis is critical. Join Lindsey Walenga, CEO of Siren PR, as she answers your questions about how to communicate with customers, employees, and investors while we cope with Covid.

As CEO of Siren PR, Lindsey is responsible for the firm’s strategic direction and growth. She leads a team of high performers to deliver results in communication strategy, media relations, and digital communication, while developing deep relationships with the clients Siren serves. Lindsey leads Siren’s strategic direction, ensuring team and client success, and driving innovation for both Siren and its clients.

Siren PR is a communication firm who strengthens growth stage companies and nonprofits through clear, powerful communication strategy. Partnering with expanding businesses and established nonprofits and bringing a collaborative spirit to each interaction, the Siren team helps brands achieve clarity around their purpose and messaging. The company provides communication strategy, media relations, social media, content marketing, and crisis communication for brands in Michigan and beyond.