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Ann Arbor Spark

Code Craftsman Saturdays

Saturday, August 10 2019 at 8:30am - 4:30pm

SHORT VERSION: You get fed (breakfast & lunch), you pair-program or mob program with strangers from around the area, you learn, a LOT. Oh yeah, it’s FREE!

LONGER VERSION: Code Craftsman Saturdays alternates each month between a regular Code Retreat format workshop (skills practice/reinforcement) and a deep-dive format (learn new things).

Starting around 8:30 we will enjoy breakfast together and get to know one another. Around 9 I introduce a challenge and get people started, in whatever language you and pair choose. You and your chosen pair will wrestle with the problem for 45 minutes, and then we’ll put laptops down and do a brief retrospective. Retrospectives allow all to share what they learned and to choose something to do differently next time. Then we do it again, right away.

What’s going on here is learning, and practicing with people from all over the area. By pair programming with people you would otherwise never have the opportunity to work with you get exposed to different ways of thinking, different habits, and different skills, roughly 6 times in the course of one day.

The primary focus of a deep dive in new learning. The primary focus of a code retreat is practicing our skills until they become great habits.

301 E. Liberty
Floor 7, Ann Arbor, MI