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Ann Arbor Spark

Code Craftsman Saturdays: Bud Seemann – Dockers Containers Deep Dive

Saturday, July 13 2019 at 8:30am - 4:30pm

SHORT VERSION: You get fed (breakfast & lunch), you pair-program or mob program with strangers from around the area, you learn, a LOT. Oh yeah, it’s FREE!

In July, we’re back in Ann Arbor and we’ll get back to a “deep-dive” format; something we haven’t done for quite a while. Bud Seemann has allowed me to talk him into giving us all a hands-on workshop on how to setup and use Docker containers (https://www.docker.com/why-docker). This is a tech that’s can make it easy to spin up an isolated environment all by yourself.

Starting around 8:30 we will enjoy breakfast together and get to know one another. Around 9, I introduce our deep-dive presenter and let them run the show. The deep dive format is session-based: introduce/explain a concept on the current topic, then everyone gets to try an exercise that explores that concept, hands-on.

What’s going on here is learning: both by picking up new skills, and by sharing what you have passion around with others.

The primary focus of a deep dive in new learning. The primary focus of a code retreat is practicing our skills until they become great habits.

301 E. Liberty
Floor 7, Ann Arbor, MI