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Ann Arbor Spark

Center for Automotive Research Webinar | Paintline Operating Efficiencies with PPG OPTIMA SOLUTIONS

Wednesday, September 22 2021 at 11:00am - 12:00pm

The paint shop remains one of the most cost-intensive and complex areas within any automotive production facility where every decision concerning paint shop operation leads to profound effects on productivity, unit cost, quality, appearance, and sustainability. How can OEMs and tier suppliers accurately identify and understand the multiple variables needed to address opportunities for improvement? For a growing number of automotive OEM’s and tier suppliers the answer is to rely on PPG OPTIMA SOLUTIONS™- In-Sites, a comprehensive, data-driven business intelligence platform designed to help users target, achieve, and maintain step-change improvements in paint shop performance. The paint shop of the future will utilize increased automated data acquisition, remote sensoring and AI/ML in order to achieve those step change levels of performance and that will require a different approach to how data is utilized.

Join Dr. Edward Pagac, Global Director of Business Development, Data, Automotive OEM coatings as he explains how PPG is bringing data science into this extraordinarily complex operating environment – using the platform’s In-sites tools in conjunction with PPG OPTIMA SOLUTIONS™- Services team members to drive fast, smart decisions that generate measurable results impacting quality, productivity, and unit cost.

Key Take-Aways:
• Learn how data is being better utilized to improve production quality, productivity and sustainability
• Learn how new methods of data visualization are leading to faster issue resolution and response times
• Learn how new methods of data capture are transforming the automotive painting process