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Ann Arbor Spark

BioVigil Information Session

Wednesday, March 09 2022 at 12:00pm

Join Amy Cell Talent and our panel of experts as they discuss BioVigil’s patented technology that inspires patient engagement and safety.

About BioVigil
We help our customers save patient lives every day.

The BioVigil system enables hospitals to improve their hand hygiene compliance by reminding their employees to sanitize their hands each and every time they walk into a patient room. We track each hand sanitization, and send that data into the cloud where it is compiled into analytics for the healthcare managers. Our customers have been able to significantly increase their hand hygiene compliance after deploying BioVigil. Hand hygiene compliance reduces hospital-acquired infections which in turns leads to saved patient lives. We are currently in hyper-growth mode, installing the system in hospitals across the U.S. BioVigil is hiring!

Meet our Speakers

  • Susie Paisley, head of finance at BioVigil
  • Martha Braverman, client services manager at BioVigil
  • Bobby Cronk, inventory and logistics coordinator at BioVigil

This virtual event is hosted by Amy Cell Talent