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Ann Arbor Spark

Amaze Your Audience With Next-Gen Virtual Events

Wednesday, December 16 2020 at 2:00pm - 3:00pm

It’s 2020 and that means cancelled customer events, postponed in-person meetings and a slew of mediocre virtual gatherings. You need to engage with attendees to deliver key information like never before! Since in-person events pose a threat to public health, organizations turned to virtual platforms to engage their audiences. Worldwide trends show an overwhelming increase of webinars and virtual events during the pandemic.

But let’s face it — people are overloaded and fatigued with boring webinars. Many attendees leave online events early, multitask during presentations, or they simply don’t show.

AVI’s CTO Brad Sousa and Digital Media Practice Manager Craig Frankenstein will offer valuable insights and real-world examples for:

Too many virtual events fail to produce results. But not yours — not after attending this session. Join us Wednesday, December 16!