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Ann Arbor Spark

ADAS and AV Safety Standards: A Case Study on Thermal AEB

Thursday, December 03 2020 at 2:00pm

Join leading engineers from VSI, FLIR, American Center for Mobility (ACM) and Intertek for a panel discussion as leading CAV engineers describe how they collaborated to address challenges and innovate solutions in the development, testing, and validation of a groundbreaking Thermal Advanced Emergency Brake (AEB) Pedestrian Detection System.

Phil Magney, Founder and President, VSI Labs
Chris Posch, Director of Engineering, FLIR
Samuel Beckett, Proving Ground Testing Manager, American Center for Mobility
Ralph Buckingham, Director of Engineering, CAV Testing, Intertek

In this webinar you will learn about:
• How Thermal AEB Technologies can keep pedestrians safe
• How engineers approach testing new ADAS technologies
• Results and insights for testing new AV tech

This event is hosted by the American Center for Mobility. Access to webinar includes download of handouts and whitepaper report.