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AACS: Event Storming with Greg Cupal

Wednesday, September 04 2019 at 6:15pm - 8:15pm

Ann Arbor Computer Society presentation:

Greg and Phil will be presenting a hands on workshop to explore “Clean Code Architecture” and CQRS using a mapping and modeling technique called “Event Storming.” This technique can be used by both developers, product owners and business users in a workshop setting. This is an interesting approach because many of the artifacts can be “interpreted” to suit the needs of the business users as well as developers. The sticky notes in the Event Storming model can be used to represent Clean Code Architecture and its Entities, Use Cases, Controllers, and External Interfaces. The stickys also work with the CQRS concepts of Command and Query models as well as the service interfaces. In addition, Event Storming can be used outside of DDD, on other projects, due to the closely related concept of Value Stream Mapping/Management or BPM.

About the presenter:

Greg Cupal began working in manufacturing where his career advanced by using Lean Process Improvement techniques to build efficiency in his departments. His business insights and technical ability eventually lead him to support, design and testing roles at a major ERP software vendor. Greg’s experience with Value Stream Mapping experience directly transferred to working with Business Process Mapping, Test Automation, creating User Journey, and Event Storming.

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