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Ann Arbor Spark

A2Y | IMPACT 2020

Friday, October 16 2020 at 11:00am - 1:00pm

Join us for IMACT 2020: Responding to COVID-19 with progress on vital funding, racial inequities, and increasing access to democracy.

State and federal funding for vital services and local government operations are inadequate in both scope and flexibility to meet the broad societal challenges of the moment. Racial inequities persist and are intensifying. Access to democracy is disparate across the country and socioeconomic levels. These realities have led to widespread feelings of disconnection from, and distrust of, government and civic structures. The disparities in impacts and outcomes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic highlight the sheer breadth and depth of these inequities and has lead us to a critical juncture where we must decide if we are capable of addressing these challenges and, if so, how.

As we all respond and adapt to COVID, we have a unique opportunity to reset and improve our efforts on these important issues. Impact 2020 will provide a forum for discussion on how best to respond. It will also provide attendees, a pre-event summary of these issues, including event materials and information; a two-hour virtual forum for presentation and discussion, and a post-event synopsis to help guide our ongoing responses and efforts into the future. Join us at Impact 2020 and help shape how we meet these challenges.

Event Features:

Three Part Panel Discussion:

Panel 1: Funding that meets our needs and our times

Panel 2: Resuming progress in closing racial inequities

Panel 3: Ensuring continued access to our democracy