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With the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy systems, Battery Management Systems has become a very important topic this past decade. This roundtable will feature industry experts in EMEA who can provide diverse perspectives on the challenges, opportunities, and future directions of BMS in various applications, with a focus on electric vehicles.

Join our panel discussion to meet key players in the EMEA Battery Management Systems scene and hear their opinion on the following topics:   

  • Significant technology trends in Battery Management Systems, discussion on the state of today’s batteries being capable of powering tomorrow’s EV boom
  • Technical challenges, processes and tools for development of Battery Management Systems
  • What is the regulatory support and government policies that provided a favorable environment for battery startups to thrive
  • Investors interest in battery startups and the best ways to secure funding
  • Leveraging collaborations and partnerships: how startups can partner with established companies, research institutions, and government agencies to accelerate research, development, and commercialization efforts

Who Should Attend: 

  • Startups in the electrification industry: leadership teams and engineers.
  • Any professionals seeking insights into electrification trends: commercial companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors.

About the Presenters:

Alice Berthuy, MathWorks, Startup Tech Evangelist
Alice Berthuy is a Startup Tech Evangelist at MathWorks with a strong background in business and industry sales. She empowers startups to reach their full potential through engineering support via the MathWorks Startup and Accelerator Program. Alice is involved in women in tech networks, advocating for diversity and supporting other women in the field. She’s passionate about the potential of technology to improve the world and enjoys contributing to this change. Alice looks forward to each day as an opportunity to work with innovative technologies and make a positive impact.

Luigi Milia, MathWorks, Automotive Industry Manager, EMEA
Luigi Milia is an Automotive Industry Manager for the EMEA region at MathWorks. He works on facilitating customer success with Simulink and Model-Based Design through strategic collaboration projects. He also works on collecting industry needs and translating them into solution requirements to guide internal MathWorks product development. Before joining MathWorks, Luigi spent more than 20 years in the automotive industry, in different roles related to embedded control system and software development. He holds a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico of Turin.

Soraya Romo Díez, BatteryCare S.L. (BCARE), General Manager
Soraya, General Manager at BatteryCare, has more than 20 years of experience devoted to the design, construction and maintenance of electrical facilities in the transmission and distribution energy network, playing technical and management roles. Since 2020 she has been focused on the research and development of new advanced battery packs and battery management systems (BMS), working in new SoX algorithms and helping BatteryCare’s customer to improve their energy storage systems and knowledge. Soraya’s educational background includes MSc in Industrial Engineering with electrical intensification (University of the Basque Country),Executive Master Degree in Business Administration – EMBA (University of the Basque Country), Advanced Management Program Degree – AMP (IE business school).

Shane Davies, Nyobolt, Director of Vehicle Battery Systems
Shane, an ex-Mercedes and Ricardo specialist, leads Nyobolt’s Embedded Systems and Controls department. With over 25 years’ experience in the automotive industry, Shane has led development teams across multiple areas delivering high-end software, controls and electronics into the hybrid and electric vehicles segments. He began his career in 1996 in Cambridge-based start-up Tarragon Embedded technology as an embedded software engineer and has subsequently gone on to take technical lead and chief engineer roles at Ricardo, MathWorks and Mercedes AMG. During his time at Ricardo and Mercedes he worked on delivering advanced battery and hybrid applications into production.

In his role at Nyobolt he is building a team to deliver advanced battery management and charging solutions across automotive, aerospace, and industrial platforms showcasing the high-power and ultra-fast charge capability of the Nyobolt Cells.

Gaëtan Depaëpe, Entroview, Co-founder & CEO
Gaëtan is an entrepreneur since 2002 after he graduated from business school. During 15 years he created and developed a data mining company in finance, from 0 to 7 M€ turnover. After 1 year of travels around the world, he decided to commit his professional career to the fight against Climate Change, he created a first deep tech start-up Likewatt which developed software to help companies choose their renewable energy. And then he created Entroview in 2021, another deep-tech start-up based on thermodynamics research on lithium batteries to tackle key issues like defect detection, State of charge calculations and State of Health diagnosis.