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Artificial Intelligence

The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) is a key component of the fourth industrial revolution. The greater Ann Arbor region is home to a significant number of companies dedicated to this venture.

Through the power of machine learning, AI optimizes how everyday human interaction is translated to data that machines can process and execute. In the Ann Arbor region, AI startups and companies are using artificial intelligence to power sophisticated business solutions that span driving industries.

  • In the mobility sector, AI companies like Quantum Signal AI and Refraction AI are using machine learning to optimize transportation and mobile robotics.
  • Innsightful is an AI-powered health monitoring device to manage and eventually overcome mental health challenges.
  • Helping provide safer, more productive manufacturing operations, Invisible AI uses computer vision to track body posture and movement.

The Ann Arbor region has fostered a strong community of AI researchers and organizations. The University of Michigan Artificial Intelligence (AI) Partners Program provides a formal venue for a community of AI leaders to convene and collaborate. The annual Michigan AI Symposium and the A2.AI Conference also serve as pivotal spaces for thought leaders and researchers to discuss the foundations and applications of machine learning. Public events like Friday Night AI and A2Mobility Tech Meetup also offer tech education and networking among the local community. 

Ann Arbor SPARK Services and Resources

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Business Development and Site Selector Services 

Ann Arbor SPARK works closely with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Michigan Works! Southeast, local municipalities, and other partners to facilitate business location and growth within the region. Our team can help make meaningful connections as well as identify office space and the skilled talent you need to achieve your goals.

Startup and Business Acceleration Resources

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The SPARK entrepreneurial services team works closely with early-stage startups to expedite their success. A reliable advocate to help founders navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem, SPARK offers desk space at our incubators in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, business accelerator grants to help achieve significant product development milestones, and mentoring opportunities with the area’s experienced business leaders. We’ve also teamed up with the Michigan Small Business Development Center to help our qualified clients apply for the Michigan Emerging Technologies Fund.

In addition to avenues for funding, SPARK initiatives promote IT innovation in the region. a2Tech360, the annual weeklong series of events, features the region’s innovative companies and leaders. Attendees of the annual event, What the Future Holds will hear from industry visionaries. Finally, angel investors and venture capitalists can hear pitches from early-stage startups during Invest360: Information Technology.

Recent Industry Projects in Southeast Michigan

Industry Employers

Company Name EmployeesDescription
Groundspeed Analytics, Inc.90+ Software-insurance
Clinc Inc.75+Artificial intelligence, financial technology
Quantum Signal AI40+AI sensing and data analysis
Innsightful 4+Artificial intelligence, healthcare
INTVO3+Artificial intelligence, mobility
May Mobility115+Autonomous shuttle design and assembly
Refraction AI10+Delivery robots
Saganworks Inc. 10+Software-database management
RXA 31Artificial intelligence, data analysis
Invisible AI 9Artificial intelligence, manufacturing
Elroi6Artificial intelligence, data management
AngioInsight 4Artificial intelligence, healthcare diagnosis