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Ann Arbor Spark

February 28, 2018

Stroke treatment device wins $25,000 top prize at Michigan Business Challenge

February 28, 2018

Ann Arbor-based ISP finds long-lasting success with all-in-one tech deployment

Most broadband internet service providers have been more recently founded, but Synergy Fiber has been going strong since 1998 – and it continues to score groundbreaking deals. News from Concentrate
February 28, 2018

Ann Arbor to expand presence this year at SXSW’s “Michigan House”

February 21, 2018

Saline mouthguard manufacturer Akervall Technologies attracts local, national accolades

Multiple recent recognitions for the company come after many years of scaling up what started as a kitchen-table business. News from Concentrate
February 21, 2018

Self-driving security: How Detroit leads the way in automotive cybersecurity

With the rise of connected vehicle technology comes an increased level of vulnerability to security threats. Fortunately, the Detroit region’s automotive cybersecurity industry is growing strong—in numbers, and in proactive defense against attacks. News from Concentrate
February 14, 2018

Solar-powered chapel in Ann Arbor provides sustainable example for other houses of worship

Campus Chapel's members have been concerned about climate change for over a decade. They put their values into action in 2015, and they're hoping to spread the good word of sustainability. News from Concentrate
February 07, 2018

Unpacking the controversy behind Detroit Street Filling Station's relaunch

Ex-employees aired grievances against the restaurant after they were suddenly laid off in November, and an internal business matter quickly became a community conversation. News from Concentrate
January 17, 2018

Ann Arbor companies' new app doubles typing speeds for the severely disabled

Many people with severe disabilities use systems that allow them to type at a rate of about one word per minute. Atomic Object and Koester Performance Research set out to improve that. News from Concentrate
January 17, 2018

Ann Arbor's SkySpecs raises $8 million to expand reach of drone wind turbine inspection tech

The company is planning to grow its existing presence in Europe before focusing new expansion efforts on Australia and South America. News from Concentrate
December 06, 2017

Ann Arbor's Midwestern Consulting opens first satellite office in Detroit

Established in 1967, the engineering services firm has serviced Detroit-based clients including Verizon Wireless and Neumann Smith for many years. News from Concentrate
May 09, 2017

Ann Arbor's GDI Infotech celebrates 25 years in business

The IT company has experienced continued growth through two economic downturns, a major shift in corporate focus, and the spinoff of a successful second company. News from Concentrate
May 09, 2017

Three Ann Arbor firms named in "50 Michigan Companies to Watch" list

The annual awards ceremony is intended to be the Academy Awards for small business in Michigan. News from Concentrate