Training Funds

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Recruiting Process Management: 

Ann Arbor SPARK and Michigan Works! can manage the recruiting process for you.  We can advertise, screen candidates and set up interviews with the hiring manager.   

Attracting Talent to Ann Arbor:

SPARK can help coordinate free tours of the Ann Arbor area, provide customized information to families on the Ann Arbor region, as well as request event tickets to help recruit key talent from out of the area.

Training Programs:

Incumbent Worker Training - Want to bring employees up to speed?  Mini training grants of up to $10,000 for Incumbent Worker Training.  Can be used for ISO 9001 training and more.

  • Employers interested in applying should contact Colleen Mallory at Michigan Works! via email at
  • Incumbent Worker Training funding is provided under the Workforce Investment Act and is targeted to employers or industries that are experiencing a decline and have the potential to undergo layoff, or are experiencing a skills gap that impacts their ability to compete, retain workers, and expand.

On The Job Training

For information about any of these programs, please contact SPARK talent team at or 734.527.9142.

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