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Knowledge is the currency of the 21st Century and the Ann Arbor area is rich with colleges and universities.

From a local community college to a world-class university, the schools educate, train, and graduate thousands annually. The result is a year-round pool of young, bright, capable people looking for job opportunities in high-tech fields.

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There are several groups with whom to connect for university student and graduate recruiting:

  1. Career Services (CS) … the formal channel for viewing resumes and scheduling interviews.
    • Typically, “information sessions” are also managed by CS offices though may also be handled by individual colleges/departments or student organizations. The same is true for job fairs.
    • For example, the Society for Women Engineers organizes the September recruiting fair for U of M’s College of Engineering.  Whereas EMU’s CS office coordinates a multi-university student and alumni job fair each year.  Therefore, please read each website for each event carefully.
    • In addition, each university, and possibly each functional area within a university, will have its own method of managing and coordinating events and interviews.
    • So where to start? The “employer” section of each CS’s website. No matter who runs an event or program, it is probably listed there.
  2. Student Organizations … even if they are not coordinating campus or discipline-wide events, many welcome employers who sponsor the food for a specific meeting. Some student orgs schedule a year in advance; while others only one or two months.
  3. Individual Faculty … some are able to recommend students and former students to consider for your positions.
  4. Alumni Association … at some universities you would recruit alumni through the Alumni Association, while at others you work with Career Services.
  5. Department Administration … typically, the Deans’ offices are not involved though connecting with administrative assistants is sometimes appropriate.


  • Just like different companies have different timetables, the process varies by university.
  • For the largest institutions, if you are hiring students who graduate in Spring of 2015, you interview them in the Fall of 2014, and sign up for those interviews in the prior academic year, Spring/Winter term of 2014.
  • Smaller universities and colleges may not require as much advance planning and notice. When you sign up, you’ll have to know how many students you plan to interview. This might be 30 minute interviews for undergrads and 45 minute interviews for graduate students. To make the most of these narrow slots, we recommend hosting an “information” session one night to one week beforehand and training campus interviewers with specific questions to ask, and provide them forms and methods to collect and evaluate the students.
  • For interns, the scheduling might take place in the fall before the summer you want to them to work and you would conduct the interviews in the winter/early spring before.



Eastern Michigan University

University Advising and Career Development Center

Student and Alumni recruiting services are centralized in one office and assigned by college.

In general, freshmen and sophomores are served by staff titled Career Coach, while juniors, seniors and alumni are served by Corporate Relations Managers.

Information Technology students can be somewhat difficult to identify.  Degrees and certificates are certificates and awarded in four of Eastern’s five colleges.  Start by reviewing this listing of programs, and then partner with the Career Development Center as well staff in the departments with programs of interest. 

As was discussed in the General Information section, sometimes the departments and faculty are sources of talent.  EMU, as just one example, has a “Capstone” Project for students in the Masters of HR/OD program whereby small teams must complete a project with a company in order to graduate.  At EMU, this Project is coordinated through the Management Department of the College of Business.

Jobs can be posted on the “EaglesCareers” site.  The first time an employer have a posting, it may be emailed to the staff to post on their behalf.  Thereafter, employers will receive instructions and login info and post their own openings.  (Employers may, of course, request access and post their first position on their own as well.)


University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Hire Blue

While the university career offices are decentralized, Hire Blue page serves as a central access point.

The Career Center also has helpful information for employers.

The Alumni Association has a number of career-related services they provide to alums.  Laura Turner leads these programs. The Ross Business School may also be a source of alumni talent.

Follow the Alumni Association on Twitter @michiganalumni and tweet your employment opportunities to #umalumjobs.  For LinkedIn, see the information on the Association page cited above.

As was discussed in the General Information section, sometimes the departments and faculty are direct sources of talent.  One example among many includes the College of Engineering’s Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering senior design course. IOE undergraduate students in small teams complete a project with a company in the spring of their senior year in order to graduate. (These projects are coordinated through a single professor.  Contact the IOE department for information.) On the graduate business side, …

In addition to traditional academic programs, the following have been of interest to area employers:


Washtenaw Community College

Washtenaw Community College offers two year associate degrees as well as certificate programs in the following areas: 

  • Advanced Manufacturing Systems
  • Automotive and Motorcycle Technology
  • Business and Information Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Digital Media Arts
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Nursing and Health Sciences
  • and more!

Career Services assists employers with staffing:

  • Post jobs through the college’s online job search system to reach current students and alumni  
  • Participate in job fairs and on-campus recruitment opportunities. View the calendar of upcoming career events.
  • Host interns, cooperative education (co-op) students, or practicum experiences.
  • Review information about career trends

For more information about Washtenaw Community College career resources or for assistance posting a job, email or call 734-677-5155.

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