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SPARK has created this HR Toolkit to help you better design and manage your HR processes as well as engage and develop your workforce.

Support for your core HR practices is divided in to four main areas related to the employee life cycle. Modify, adopt and apply these to your environment.


  • Recruit -- inviting the right people to your team
  • Retain -- ensuring the best talent is in the right place within your organization
  • Re/Train -- increasing the human capabilities of your business
  • Re/Build -- establishing and developing other critical processes for your workplace, and resolving additional HR issues
  • FAQ -- listing of key questions

Please note this Toolkit does not represent a complete model for a Human Resources function but rather focuses on select methods and tools.

In addition, SPARK assists leaders and organizations by highlighting evidence-based and best-in-class thinking about business, organizations, HR practices, and human behavior.

Many of the materials highlighted in this section require you to set up a login account with the provider

  • The "People-Profit Chain" model from i4cp is based on research measuring the impact of five domains on the market performance of an organization. This model describes practices by organizations which outperform the market by up to 300%. 
  • Research by the Aberdeen Group reveals a sound HR talent process does not distinguish high- from low-performing organizations. Well-designed and executed methods are what allow to remain in the war for talent. Their report "Talent Acquisition 2013" reveals many characteristics which distinguish best-in-class employers from others.
  • There are many providers of HR Tools. For organizations desiring to find your own sources of HR insight, consider one of these.