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SPARK Central Innovation Center - Supporting the Growth of Startups

Watch this video to learn about startup companies like IndustryStar, Spellbound and AdAdapted and how they've benefited from the connections they've made at the SPARK Central Innovation Center. See how the collaboration between new entrepreneurs and established entrepreneurs has helped them grow. Also, Travis Linderman, Director of Operations at SPARK and Bill Mayer, VP of Entrepreneurial Service at SPARK, as they discuss entrepreneurial educational and networking programs offered at SPARK's Innovation Center.

Ann Arbor Spark 2016 Annual Meeting Presentation - May 16, 2016

Watch the entire Ann Arbor SPARK Annual meeting presentation moderated by Paul Krutko, Ann Arbor SPARK president and CEO with special guest and keynote speaker, Dr. Mark Schlissel, president and CEO at the University of Michigan.  Cynthia Wilbanks, VP Government Relations at U-M and Chair of Ann Arbor SPARK presents 2015 results and Jeff Hauptman, CEO of Oxford Companies presents the vision and future of CEOs from the region.

A2 Spark Annual Meeting 2015

The 2015 Ann Arbor SPARK Annual Meeting brought together over 400 leaders and influencers from the region's top businesses, universities, government and research organizations. Keynote speaker, Governor Snyder, was a highlight of the ten year celebration.

Tech Trek 2015

Ann Arbor Tech Trek is about understanding what Ann Arbor being a tech hub really means. Tech Trek shows these unique companies in-depth and showcases what makes Ann Arbor so important.

Ann Arbor SPARK 10 Year Anniversary
Ann Arbor SPARK: The heart of an ecosystem that's driving startup success
Ann Arbor SPARK: The heart of an ecosystem that's driving startup success
Ann Arbor SPARK 2014 Annual Meeting
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Albert M. Berriz, Chair of Ann Arbor SPARK's Campaign for the Future Committee, discusses SPARK's impact on the Liberty Street Corridor in Ann Arbor.

SPARK Annual Report Video 2012


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