Stephen Forrest, Vice Preseident of Research U of M

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Stephen Forrest, Vice Preseident of Research U of M

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The University of Michigan is one of the primary economic drivers of the Ann Arbor region. It invests over a billion dollars every year into research, spins out business start-ups through organizations like Tech Transfer and TechArb, and, probably most importantly, attracts leadership that seeks to drive the region forward in both the national and global economies. In 2010 alone, the University of Michigan invested $1.18 billion into research and development, leading all public universities in that category.


Leading that charge at the University of Michigan is Stephen R. Forrest, Vice President for Research, and Ann Arbor SPARK's board chair. Forrest, who has been with the University of Michigan since 2006, has a track record of innovation, having co-founded a handful of scientific companies.  He also previously worked for Princeton and USC.


In his conversation with Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Paul Krutko, Forrest discusses the importance of innovation and technology in education, as well as business growth indicators and what is working for the Ann Arbor region, including his vision for the future of Ann Arbor SPARK. Their conversation illuminates the role of the University of Michigan in the broader Ann Arbor region's economy, and how it helps continually push the region's economy forward.