President Mary Sue Coleman, University Of Michigan

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President Mary Sue Coleman, University Of Michigan

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Any discussion of the Ann Arbor region's economic future begins with University of Michigan.  Many commentators, like Richard Florida and Tom Friedman, have highlighted that America's economic success in the 21st century is going to depend on the success of dynamic regional economies built around major universities.  Ann Arbor is a leading example.

So there is no better way to kick off SPARK's Conversations on Economic Opportunity, then to have our inaugural CEO podcast with the visionary leader of the University of Michigan, President Mary Sue Coleman.  President Coleman is the architect of an aggressive strategy to not only integrate the "gown" into the "town's" future economic success but to provide leadership in support of Ann Arbor's, the State of Michigan's and the nation's economic success in the face of intense global competition.  President Coleman helped found SPARK, sensing that it was was absolutely necessary to "pull" innovative technologies and the entrepreneurs interested in commercializing them out of the University's rich academic research ecosystem, one of the most well funded in the United States.

Our conversation was wide ranging with President Coleman sharing her views on the importance of the University's involvement in the economic development and growth of our region....on creating a curriculum of entrepreneurship to unleash the power of students and facility...and the University's new program of venture her involvement in National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the President's Advanced Manufacturing Partnership.

So sit back, and enjoy the thoughts and insights of one of America's most influential leaders, Mary Sue Coleman, President of the University of Michigan!