Ken Fischer, University Musical Society Pt.2

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Ken Fischer, University Musical Society Pt.2

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Part II

Ann Arbor is a town with a very robust arts community. It is an international cultural center, with a population that embraces the arts and also uses the arts to enhance its standing as a business community. The establishment of Ann Arbor as a cultural center is vital to its establishment as a business center and a worldwide hub of education.

Ken Fischer has been the President of the University Musical Society at the University of Michigan for over 24 years. During his conversation with Ann Arbor SPARK's CEO Paul Krutko, he emphasizes the positive impact that arts can have on a community, and how they've touched and enhanced the Ann Arbor area. In Ken Fischer's conversation, he describes the strong collaboration with the arts through, among other highly successful initiatives, the Cultural Leaders Forum.

Mr. Fischer speaks about the keys to success for UMS: leadership and embracing diversity in the arts. He discusses his experience in music and the arts and emphasizes its economic impact on the Ann Arbor community.

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