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Workit Health, Inc.

The Workit Program helps you reduce or quit drinking in 90 days through twenty-four hour access to digital curriculum, therapeutic tools, and on-demand coaching.

Workit Health Logo
3D Biomatrix, Inc

3D Biomatrix provides tools for three dimensional (3D) cell culture.

3D Biomatrix, Inc logo
AFID Therapeutics Inc.

AFID Therapeutics defines and delivers advanced chemical and biochemical technologies and strategies and employs them in the design, discovery, delivery, and development of new drugs.

AFID Therapeutics logo
AlertWatch, LLC

AlertWatch: OR is intended for use by clinicians for secondary monitoring of patients within operating rooms.

AlertWatch, LLC logo
Algal Scientific Corporation

Algal Scientific was founded in 2009 with the mission of using algae to treat high strength waste water from a variety of industries such as food and beverage production.

Algal Scientific Corporation logo
Armune BioScience, Inc.

Armune BioScience was formed to develop and commercialize high value, protein signature-based diagnostic tests for prostate, lung and breast cancers.

Armune BioScience logo
Atterocor, Inc

Atterocor is an innovative company focused on the accelerated development of a treatment for adrenal cancer.

Atterocor, Inc logo
Avicenna Medical Systems, Inc.

Avicenna Medical Systems develops intuitive software solutions for the health care industry with two distinct product lines. AviTracks manages chronic disease patient care in speciality clinics.

Avicenna Medical Systems, Inc. logo
Axonia Medical

Axonia Medical is an early stage company pioneering a revolutionary approach to repair and restore damaged peripheral and central nervous systems.

Axonia Medical logo
Biotectix, LLC

Biotectix is developing a new class of conductive polymer materials and coatings for implantable medical devices and sensors.

Biotectix, LLC logo
Blaze Medical Devices, Inc.

Blaze is developing a rapid clinical test to aid in assessing the quality of stored blood.

Blaze Medical Devices, Inc. logo
Compendia Bioscience, Inc.

Compendia BioScience was founded in 2006 with the goal of building a commercial version of Oncomine. In 2012, Compendia was acquired by Life Technologies.

Compendia BioScience logo
DeNovo Sciences, Inc.

DeNovo Sciences is dedicated to the development and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies for both the cancer research and clinical markets.

DeNovo Sciences, Inc. logo

Emiliem is a private biosciences company with a focus on molecular targeted therapies/diagnostics and human safety.

Emiliem  logo
Empirical Bioscience, LLC

Empirical Bioscience is a protein factory based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their products are fundamental components of life science activities involving DNA.

Empirical Bioscience, LLC
Epsilon Imaging

EchoInsight® is creating a new standard of analysis and interpretation for echo studies.

Epsilon Imaging logo
First Sense Medical

First Sense Medical is developing a revolutionary breast cancer screening device.

First Sense Medical logo
I Pillbox, LLC

I Pillbox, based in Canton, is commercializing its 'smart' pillbox.

I Pillbox, LLC logo
Intervention Insights, Inc.

Intervention Insights is a health information services company helping community oncologists incorporate molecular oncology into their practice.

Intervention Insights, Inc. logo
IROA Technologies, LLC

Has Developed mass spec results data improvement for the purpose of discovering diagnostic biomarkers.

IROA Technologies, LLC logo
Michelle's Miracle, Inc.

Michelle's Miracle makes delicious and powerful Tart Montmorency Cherry nutraceuticals with higher ORAC levels than other popular super fruit drinks including pomegranate and acai.

Michelle's Miracle, Inc. logo
Mitostem, Inc.

Mitostem, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the goal to drive innovation, and accelerate the scientific breakthroughs that will advance Stem Cell research and the field of Regenerative Medicine.

Mitostem, Inc. logo

Nymirum is the RNA Structure Company; providing RNA Structure Core solutions for basic, translational, and drug discovery research.

Nymirum logo
Oxus America, Inc

Oxus America, of Rochester Hills, is developing a portable oxygen concentrator medical device.

Oxus America, Inc logo
Patient Provider Communications

Patient Provider Communications is revolutionizing nurse call systems through the development of an innovative healthcare communication technology, Eloquence™.

Patient Provider Communications logo

Phenometrics, Inc., of Lansing is a technology transfer spin-off company from Michigan State University.

Phenometrics logo
Phrixus Pharmaceuticals

Phrixus Pharmaceuticals is developing Carmeseal™ (poloxamer 188 or P188) for. Duchenne muscular dystrophy and acute decompensated heart failure

Phrixus Pharmaceuticals logo
RetroSense Therapeutics, LLC

RetroSense Therapeutics is developing a gene therapy to restore vision in patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and advanced dry age-related macular degeneration (advanced dry-AMD).

RetroSense Therapeutics, LLC logo
Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine

Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine (Sequenom CMM) is transcending new heights with breakthrough technology including SensiGene Cystic Fibrosis

Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine logo
Tangent Medical Technologies, Inc.

Tangent Medical Technologies is advancing infusion therapy by improving catheter stability, patient comfort and healthcare worker safety with its proprietary, intravenous catheters and associated p

Tangent Medical Technologies, Inc. logo
Vestaron Corporation

At Vestaron, scientists are unlocking the mystery of how spiders kill insects -- work that is leading to a new generation of insecticides.

Vestaron logo
White Pine Systems

White Pine Systems flagship product, SPINNphr, the Secure Personal Information and Notification Network, is a low cost, fully configurable, private-labeled, PHR solution that improves communication

White Pine Systems logo
XG Sciences, Inc.

XG Sciences manufactures and sells graphene nanoplatelets and develops advanced engineered materials based on our nanoplatelets.

XG Sciences logo
Clean Emission Fluids, INC

CEF has developed, and continues to advance, leading-edge fueling and fluid dispensing systems for the transportation industry.

Clean Emission Fluids, INC logo
Eco Fueling

The ECO Injection System (ECOIS) uses a renewable fuel already in distribution, E85, which is directly injected into the intake manifold airflow of any diesel engine.

Eco Fueling logo
NextCAT, Inc.

NextCAT is commercializing a series of catalysts for use in biodiesel production.

NextCAT, Inc. logo
Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC

Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC, is a battery technology development company focused on making better batteries.

Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC logo
Akervall Technologies, Inc.

Akervall Technologies is commercializing a mouth guard for teeth protection that is thinner, more pliable and stronger than existing alternatives.

Akervall Technologies, Inc. logo
Arbor Plastics Technologies, LLC

(APT), LLC has been formed to develop, manufacture, market, sell and service specialty additives and associated delivery systems, for the plastic resin industry.

Arbor Plastics Technologies, LLC logo
AutoBike, Inc

AutoBike, Inc. is designing an automatic shifting bicycle for current or aspiring recreational bicycle riders.

AutoBike, Inc logo
Beholztech, Inc.

Beholztech is a developer of next generation, environmentally sustainable, performance coatings and surface treatments.

Beholztech, Inc. logo
Coliant Corporation

Coliant Corp has developed a power outlet to connect and mount electrical devices on motorcycles and other outdoor recreational vehicles

Coliant Corporation logo
Current Motor Company

Current Motor has developed a line of electric motorcycles and mopeds designed to provide urban and suburban commuters with practical, affordable, zero-emissions electric vehicles (EVs).

Current Motor Company logo
Electric Field Solutions, Inc.

Electric Field Solutions (EFS) of Ann Arbor will design, assemble, and sell Charge Tracker, a transformative technology capable of locating electric charge buildup on objects located tens of feet a

Electric Field Solutions, Inc.  logo
Ellison Corp

DMG / Mori Seiki / Ellison Technologies is a provider of advanced machining solutions to North American metal-cutting manufacturers and their global affiliates.

Ellison Corp logo
ENRG Power Systems, LLC

Innovative replacement / “Upgrade” ignition coil system which improves spark-ignition for improved fuel economy with an easy-to-retrofit technology.

ENRG Power Systems, LLC logo
Fusion Coolant Systems, Inc.

Fusion Coolant Systems provides an advanced coolant and lubrication system for use in manufacturing which increases production rates and tool life. 

Fusion Coolant Systems, Inc. logo
Global Energy Innovations Inc

Global Energy Innovations develops and manufactures precision battery monitoring, testing, conditioning and restoration equipment and the software that goes with it.

Global Energy Innovations  logo

PicoSpray, based in Ann Arbor, is commercializing a low-cost electronic fuel injection system for the small engine market.

PicoSpray logo
Ventech LLC

Ventech has developed a mobile heater that creates heat from liquid friction to bring a vehicle to engine operating temperatures quickly.

Ventech LLC logo
AdAdapted, Inc.

AdAdapted Logo
Arbor Insight, LLC

Arbor Insight Logo
Groundspeed, LLC

Groundspeed provides automation and analytics to insurance brokers and their clients via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

GroundSpeed Logo
IndustryStar Solutions, LLC

At IndustryStar we are a supply chain services and software technology company that is passionate about partnering with high growth technology companies to bring innovative and disruptive technolog

IndustryStar Logo
PageKicker Corporation

PageKicker enables consumers and businesses to define entire ebooks that are built on the fly at download time in a matter of seconds using the latest software, content, and machine learning.

PageKicker Logo

AppKey offers developers an effective way to improve monetization of users who don’t or won’t purchase anything.

AppKey logo

Beet Analytics Technology is committed to providing state of the art diagnostic and analytical tools to accelerate problem solving for operations facing complex assembly and automation challenges.

BEET, LLC logo
CareCheq, LLC

CareCheq is an easy-to-use web product that leverages the power of social media to provide an engaging communication channel between care consumers (patients, families, friends) and care providers.

CareCheq, LLC logo
ChildCare Daily App, Inc,

Child Care Daily App is being used by centers and family-based child care businesses all across the country, to keep parents and teachers connected, in real time.

ChildCare Daily App, Inc, logo
CrowdJuice Corporation

CrowdJuice’s mobile event apps brings the powerful, interactive features – previously only available in high cost, native applications – to small and mid-sized conferences, trade shows, and corpora

CrowdJuice Corporation logo
Dangos, Inc

Dangos, Inc. of Ann Arbor is commercializing a suite of mobile applications for visitors of North America’s largest travel destinations.

Dangos, Inc logo
Digital Knowledge Corporation

KnowledgeWatch is a Web service improving how companies research and innovate by automatically finding, acquiring, organizing and distributing relevant, key knowledge critical to their business.  K

Digital Knowledge Corporation logo
FamilyMint, Inc.

FamilyMint’s mission is helping kids develop key money management habits that will last them a lifetime.

FamilyMint, Inc. logo

FLOCK TAG LLC develops software for mobile loyalty system for business. The company was incorporated in 2011 and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

FlockTAG LLC logo
Food Circles, LLC

Food Circles, LLC of Grand Rapids is commercializing a “Buy One, Feed One” system that donates a meal to a child in need every time a user of its application dines out at a participating restaurant

Food Circles, LLC logo

GeLo, of Holland, is commercializing an electronic beacon that provides precise geo location information to mobile devices.

GeLo, LLC logo
InfoReady Corporation

InfoReady Corporation—building marketspaces that make information actionable.

InfoReady Corporation logo
Ix Innovations, LLC

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ix Innovations is dedicated to enhancing the usability of electrical test and measurement instrumentation through continual product innovation.

Ix Innovations, LLC logo
Larky, Inc.

Larky has developed software that optimizes reward program participants' behaviors.

Larky, Inc. logo
Local Orbit, LLC

Local Orbit provides sales & business management tools for the entrepreneurs building the New Food Economy

Local Orbit, LLC logo
My Repair Facts, Inc.

My Repair Facts, Inc., an Ann Arbor company, is commercializing an online portal for buyers and sellers of used cars to access a vehicle's history.

My Repair Facts, Inc. logo
New Eagle, LLC

New Eagle offers controls system solutions including tools, products, and services.

New Eagle, LLC logo
Ornicept, Inc

Ornicept of Ann Arbor is commercializing its technologies for digitally managing data on natural resources including field tools and online big data analytics.

Ornicept, Inc logo
RazorThreat, Inc.

 RazorThreat has developed a personalized defense to targeted attacks that leverages existing security investments

 RazorThreat logo
Regaingo Inc.

Regaingo's software provides fast volume marketing campaigns, through the use of online coupon deals.

Regaingo Inc. logo
Reveal Design Automation, Inc.

Reveal Design Automation, Inc. designs and sells an automated software solution for performing scalable and comprehensive verification of digital logic designs to chip design firms.

Reveal Design Automation, Inc. logo
Rippld, LLC

Detroit-based Rippld is a connection, collaboration and services exchange platform for creative professionals and the clients that need their talents. 

Rippld, LLC logo
Road to Rado, LLC

Uwemp is an online writing community focused on bringing together useful, educational, and inspirational articles and content, aimed to instruct and empower readers.

Road to Rado, LLC logo
Seelio by Keypath

Seelio by Keypath builds technology and service solutions to help college students connect the dots between their educational experiences and the 21st-century skills employers want.

Seelio by Keypath Logo
Sentio, LLC

SentioMMG™ is a proprietary nerve mapping and avoidance system developed to allow surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures while avoiding injury to nerves.

Sentio, LLC logo
Shepherd Intelligent Systems

Shepherd Intelligent Systems (SIS), provides easily accessible, reliable, real-time vehicle location information directly to the passengers and managers of public transit.

Shepherd Intelligent Systems logo
Social Patient

Social Patient (formerly myHygia) is commercializing its cloud-based health technology platform that improves access to care through technology that rewards treatment compliance and social engageme

Social Patient logo
Supported Intelligence, LLC

Supported Intelligence, LLC develops and sells innovative, powerful, and reliable decision support software, along with related data and services.

Supported Intelligence, LLC logo
The Advisory Board Company - Crimson Care Registry

Crimson Care Registry—part of the Crimson Clinical Advantage suite of offerings—provides population management analytics and patient registry software for the ambulatory environment.

Crimson Care Registr Crimson Clinical Advantage logo
The Whole Brain Group, LLC

The Whole Brain Group is committed to helping growing businesses develop and execute digital marketing plans that complement their strategic visions and provide measurable results.

The Whole Brain Group, LLC logo
Therapy Charts, LLC

TherapyCharts™' award winning treatment planning electronic health record (EHR) system provides a pleasant and affordable way to manage patient records, keep up with best practices, and stay on top

Therapy Charts, LLC logo
Varsity News Network

Varsity News Network increases exposure and recognition for high school athletes, and empowers students interested in media to gain experience in the field.

Varsity News Network logo
Zipments Corp.

Zipments is a community-based logistics platform providing businesses and individuals with the fastest, most affordable same day delivery service available.

Zipments Corp. logo
Zon Labs

Zon Labs, based in East Lansing, is commercializing an online platform for learning Chinese that’s focused on virtual environments and game play.

Zon Labs logo
ERT Systems, LLC

OnSite ERT is the only automatic emerency resource tracking system on the market today.

OnSite ERT logo
iTrack, LLC

iTrack LLC is focused on the design, development and commercialization of first responder/soldier tracking technology and autonomous navigation systems for environments where GPS is not available.

iTrack LLC logo
Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices, LLC

LEID Products is the manufacturing leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control.

Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices, LLC logo
Limo-Reid, Inc.

Limo-Reid is a Deerfield-based company that hopes to revolutionize transmission systems for trucks and military vehicles

Limo-Reid logo
AMF-Nano Corporation

AMF-Nano supplies environmental monitoring and control solutions for specialty applications.

AMF Nano Logo
Estrakon, Inc.

Estrakon is a fabrication company who specializes in designing and creating eye-catching electronic signage and custom marketing media in a wide range of materials.

Estrakon, Inc. logo
LED Optical Solutions, LLC

LED Optical Solutions, LLC was founded in 2008 to meet the demand for  advanced solid state lighting products and designs supporting the commercial & industrial lighting industry.

LED Optical Solutions, LLC logo
nLight Photonics Corporation

Since its inception in 2000, nLIGHT continues to deliver world-class performance in high-power semiconductor lasers.

nLight Photonics Corporation logo
OcuSciences, Inc

OcuSciences, Inc., is a product-stage medical diagnostic device company commercializing a rapid, unique and patented non-invasive ocular imaging technique

OcuSciences, Inc logo
Pixel Velocity, Inc.

Pixel Velocity develops and markets high-speed digital image processing and compression products.

Pixel Velocity, Inc. logo