Ann Arbor SPARK Incubator Admission Criteria

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How to apply to the Ann Arbor SPARK business incubator

  1. Commercialization Timing: Within 1-2 years of sustainable commercial revenues OR significant investment.
  2. Technology: Innovation start-up companies, with a technology strategy that creates defensible value (such as through patents, trade secrets, copyrights, know-how) and is focused on commercial application.
  3. Capital: Adequate capitalization to provide for three (3) months of viable operation (to be outlined in a business plan).
  4. Plan: Business plan which addresses potential markets and size of market, growth potential, financial proformas, personnel growth and acquisition, and exit strategies.
  5. Management: Technical expertise in the field, with a plan to acquire qualified resources in employee, market, and financial management.
  6. Operations: The candidate company must fit within the operational model of the specific facility (space requirements, license fees, equipment/facility requirements, etc.).

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Contact Ben Harrington:, (734) 372-4079 or view Frequently Asked Questions.

Apply for available incubator space here.

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