SPARK Event Series

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In addition to our monthly series events, talent events and entrepreneurial education, SPARK holds a variety of special and collaborative events that range in topic and can also feature special guests. Such collaboration events include's Deals of the Year where the FastTrack Award is presented.

Ann Arbor SPARK Educational & Networking Events

Selling Smart Workshop

The Selling Smart Workshop series will be held the first Wednesday of the month, 11 - 1 p.m. at SPARK Central.  Each of the Workshop events will include an hour of practice selling, followed by an hour presentation on a different sales topic.  Gain valuable professional sales training through our very own sales seminars.

Starting Your Own Business

Looking to start a business? Join Ann Arbor SPARK and our community partners to learn about personality traits that impact entrepreneurialism, creating a marketing plan for your business, legal, accounting, and risk considerations, product development, business plans and financing options. This workshop is held monthly on the third Friday at SPARK East.

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