Software Talent Attraction and Retention Program

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Th​e Software Talent Attraction and Retention program (STAR) is an innovative internship and mentoring program, offering placement of recent graduates, and connecting employers to available experienced talent. For a reasonable investment of $5,000, Employers will have access to: existing software talent that have reached out to Amy Cell, LLC for participation, recent college graduates, and existing college students interested in internships or part time employment as a means to gain experience with local software companies. This program is managed by Amy Cell, LLC on behalf of Ann Arbor SPARK.


Select college students will be identified, recruited, screened and included in a pool of interns to be placed at participating employers. Employers will have access to the paperwork and will then be able to do additional interviewing and recruiting. After students accept internship offers, they will be provided with housing information and other assistance.  During the summer, they will have a chance to meet with other employers and to participate in technology and social  events that will further showcase the Ann Arbor region.   Check out this new summer program which offers a series of events for interns Ann Arbor Summer Tech Connect.

College Graduate Recruitment

Select college students that will be graduating in December 2015 and Spring 2016 with an interest in the Ann Arbor region will be identified, recruited and screened. The resumes and summaries will be shared with employers. Employers will be encouraged to bring them in for interviews during specific monthly “A2 Recruitment” days, where additional programming including tours and information will be provided. These students will also be provided with a “Welcome program” of monthly events upon joining their employer. Select college students who are looking for part-time employment while going to school in the Ann Arbor region area will be included in a pool for employers.

Immediately Available Talent

Periodically there will be experienced candidates that will be made available to participating employers.

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